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The Romanian Energy Performance of Buildings Conference (RCEPB), is a multi-disciplinary international conference having in 2023 the following sessions:

EPBD2023 “landscape” and implementation roadmap

EU projects and “Fit for 55” green transition plan

EU circular economy and sustainable growth of the built environment

Building digitization, EU standards & software tools

Student competition & awards ceremony

Entertainment programs

Energy efficiency, RES use, NZEB programs and sustainable buildings are concepts used more and more in European Directives and national regulations. EU targets were established for the reduction of energy consumption and GHG emissions or for RES use in order to minimize the negative environmental and social impact of fossil fuels burning, to strengthen the energetic independence of MS, to reduce the energy invoices for oil and natural gases imports. Therefore papers on related topics are welcomed from all relevant disciplinary areas, ranging from new concepts and solutions, modeling, experiments, to computational simulation. The event will provide a forum for the exchange of the latest technical information, for the dissemination of the Romanian and international research results, for the presentation of the new developments in the area of energy and environment and for the debate and shaping of future directions and priorities in sustainable development and energy security.

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